Roof tent side tent and annex also supplies the (loose) side tents or annex in addition to all kinds of roof tents. A side tent or anex is ideal for creating extra living space.

A roof tent with an annex does not fit on every car. It is best to measure the height of the car. Is this> 170cm (ground to top roof carriers), then we have a good solution.

Volvo V70 DTBD 140CL daktent 170 ondertent

If your car is higher than 170 cm (measured from the ground to the top of the roof rack), then an annex is possible. For example, the DTBD 140CL as shown on the photo with 170cm annex.

Jimba Jimba voortent (2)

The Jimba Jimba side tent is ideal for cars with a height between 170 and 220 cm. The advantage of this tent is that it is attached to the top of the roof tent, creating a lot of space, even with a lower car.

T-Top daktent met ondertent

Also the T-Top from Eezi-Awn  is a beautiful roof tent which comes standard with an annex. This annex consists of 4 separate parts which can be zipped together to create a complete annex, but these parts can also be used separately.