Thule roof tents and roof racks

Thule roof top tents

It was inevitable that the expert in car roof accessories came to the market with a roof tent. Thule also came on the market in February 2020 with roof tents. No less than 4 models were launched during the introduction. One hardcover model (HyBox) and 3 soft covers (Ayer, Kukenam and the Autana). The Thule roof top tents are of course available at and we have also exhibited the models in our showroom since the introduction.

The roof tents of Thule – Tepui are built to enhance your adventurous moments. These highly durable, waterproof and well-designed roof tents are ready to defy the elements.

Thule roof racks

It all starts with a Thule roof rack. With a Thule roof rack you are ready for your adventures and you know that you have everything you want. When combined with other Thule products, the roof racks also form a starting point for taking the extra special equipment with which you can realize your passions, with carriers for your bicycles, your skis, your canoes or kayaks, and your surfboards. Not to mention the extra safe roof boxes and since 2020 also roof tents.

Thule roof tent models

Explorer Ayer

Thule roof tent Explorer Ayer 2

Explorer Kukenam

Thule roof tent Explorer Kukenam 3

Explorer Autana

Thule Tepui Explorer Autana Roof top tent

Thule roof top tent pictures

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“Tested till the end”

Thule’s highest priority is safety – for you and the people around you. Our mounting kits ensure that you may have stolen your car in the past. In addition, our products get the Thule Test Center ™ an official stamp of approval if they have survived countless crash tests, wear simulations, extreme heat, cold, moisture, sunlight and even harsh chemicals. All that you can do to judge on the adventures you still have to watch.