No less than 4 different models

Thule Tepui roof tents

It was inevitable that the expert in roof accessories also came to the market with a roof tent. For this Thule has incorporated the American Tepui. No fewer than 4 models were launched during the introduction in Europe at the beginning of 2020. One hardcover model (HyBox) and three soft cover models (Ayer, Kukenam, Autana).

Naturally, all Thule Tepui roof tents are available at and we have also exhibited the models in our showroom since the introduction.
The roof tents of Thule-Tepui are built to enhance the adventurous moments. These durable, watertight and well-designed roof tents are ready to defy the elements.

Tepui? or Thule?
Is it now a roof tent from Thule or Tepui? We hear this question more often. It is as follows; the American company Tepui was founded in 2010. In 8 years, Tepui was developed into one of the most famous roof tent brands in the USA. For Thule, which specializes in transport and storage equipment, such as roof and bicycle carriers, it was a logical addition to acquire an interest in the roof tent market. In a press release, Thule CEO Magnus Welander explained how Thule’s expertise in vehicle related systems and Tepui’s expertise in the area of ​​roof tents complement each other. Many Tepui users rely on Thule roof racks to assemble their tents, so a merger offers more options for design and marketing.

According to Tepui President Evan Currid, it seemed a natural step to go under the umbrella of Thule “We knew we had found the perfect partner to further grow this great product category.”

Since Overlanding is still gaining popularity, Thule will increase her awareness.

Want to know more about Thule Tepui?
You are very welcome in the Roof tent Experience center in Baarn, The Netherlands. In addition to the Thule roof tents, at least 38 roof tents have been set up. The set-up varies, so if you are looking for a specific model, call ahead …