Sheepie® roof tents

Sheepie®. The new standard in roof tents

The roots of the Sheepie® brand go back to 1999. This innovative party launched the first electric roof tent (Outback Electric) on the European market, and they continue to surprise with innovative models of roof tents such as the Jimba Jimba (2016) and Jimba Jimba Automatic (2017 ), the Gascoyne (2018), the Pimbee and the Yuna (2019). The Outback, Jimba Jimba, Yuna and Pimbee Roof Tents from Sheepie are characterized by the use of a full aluminum frame and great ease of use.

The electrical roof tent Outback Electric is a novelty, but in Australia and Asia it is already a proven and extensive concept. This also concerns the first electric roof tent on the market, which can also be folded in and out with the help of a smartphone app.

Sheepie’s roof tents are geared towards the camper, who has a high priority on luxury or who prefers a distinctive product.

Sheepie roof tents models

Jimba Jimba

Price-quality winner


Yuna rooftent open

Fits every car


Pimbee rooftent open

Unique concept


Unique model hardcover


Mercedes C-Klasse Daktent outback

Electric roof tent

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“It all started in Western Australia”

It was 1999, deep into the Australian Outback. In which farming and camping were practiced under the toughest circumstances.

The equipment used had to resist the harsh elements of mother nature, dry and hot during daytime and cold at nights.

The founders of the Sheepie® brand found their roots those days. A once in a lifetime experience never to forget. They named it ‘Sheepie’.

Time passed and the vision arose to bring those roots back in a way of fashionable products.

Today Sheepie® Products creates spectacular products inspired by the outdoors. It represents affordable quality and the power of freedom.