Aluminum design hardcover

In March / April 2020, the Sheepie brand, known for its Jimba Jimba and Yuna rooftop tents, launched the Bookara, the lightest and thinnest hardcover rooftop tent on the market. The completely constructed aluminum box is only 15 cm thick, which ensures a sleek appearance and low air resistance. The Bookara roof tent only weighs around 55 kilos, which means that this solid hardcover can also be placed on smaller cars.

Self-supporting frame, suitable for many vehicles
The Bookara roof tent, unlike many other hard covers, has a self-supporting frame, so support of the roof racks across the width is not necessary with this roof tent. The only thing you need are two roof racks.
The fabrics of the roof tent are durable, highly UV and waterproof. The Bookara has an ultra-flat design. There is also an airflow design in the inner tent to reduce condensation in certain weather conditions. All openings are fitted with anti-insect screens and various storage bags are installed; two shoe bags are supplied as standard, which can be easily removed if desired. There are also storage compartments inside the roof tent, in addition to standard LED lighting.
The aluminum adjustable telescopic ladder (up to 230 cm) ensures that it fits on almost any car.
With the Bookara roof top tent you can camp comfortably and stylishly. A real eye catcher.

Dimensions outside closed / open
Bookara medium: LxW: 210x130cmx18cm / 210x130x100cm
Bookara large: LxW: 210x150cmx18cm / 210x150x105cm

The Bookara can already be seen in our showroom and available from the end of March / beginning of April. Preorders are possible.