‘Out of the box’ cooking

Cooking while camping, pans everywhere and lying around cutlery. There is a solution …. since a while there are several cooking boxes called chuckbox on the market. A chuckbox is a compact box that you can put in the back of your car and does not take up too much space. When you open the box, a complete kitchen is created, including a cooker (sometimes integrated) with accessories and a table. From the box you get pans, cutlery, plates for 4 people and other accessories.

So whether you are going to a campsite or camping in the wild. You can get everything from the ‘box’ to cook your meals outdoor.

Delivery time
The Q-chuckboxes and the DTBD chuckbox are basically standard on stock in our showroom. In the unlikely event that it is sold out, the delivery time is usually max. 5 working days.

Models and prices
DTBD small – € 550, – (more info)
DTBD large – € 735, – (more info)
Q-cooker – € 675, – (more info)

Matching stools € 19.95 (more info)

Chuckbox showroom roof tent