iKamper roof top tent

The iKamper Skycamp (formerly Sky4x) roof tent is an innovative roof tent that combines a hardcover with the principle of a fold-out tent, giving you a spacious hard cover roof tent. iKamper saw the light of day in 2014 and is produced in South Korea. The weight is 75kg, this includes mattress and ladder, so that it can be installed by two people. Thanks to the universal mounting bracket, the iKamper Skycamp is compatible with most roof rack systems.

Since 2019 an extra model has been added, the X-Cover, this roof tent has the advantage that 50 kg of luggage can be taken on top of the folded roof tent. Also an upgrade was done on the Skycamp under the name Skycamp 2.0 (available from April 2019). View the main changes here.

We do not ship the iKamper roof top tents to the UK.

iKamper roof tent models

iKamper Skycamp pictures

The iKamper roof tent has been for sale in the Europe since March 2018, Rooftent.o.uk was the first company who showed it in November 2017.

iKamper daktent Nederland cherokee
iKamper daktent Nederland cherokee
iKamper rooftent
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