Eezi-Awn roof tents

The South African brand Eezi-Awn has more than 33 years of tradition and is one of the larger manufacturers in the field of roof tents, awnings, roof racks and accessories.

Het daktent gamma van Eezi-Awn omvat o.a. de modellen Jazz, Fun, Series 3, T-Top Xklusiv, Family, Dart, Blade, Stealth en Globe Tracker.  In Europa zijn met name de Jazz, Series 3, Blade, Stealth Dart en T-Top Xklusiv populair.

The sun never sets on Eezi-Awn

Eezi-Awn operates in the higher segment of the market and no concessions are made to quality. The materials used have been tested under the toughest conditions. Therefore the largest 4×4 rental companies in South Africa use the products of the brand Eezi-Awn.

Eezi-Awn roof tent and accessories