Eezi-Awn Blade roof tent

The Eezi-Awn Blade roof tent is a high-quality aluminum roof tent for two people.

This hard-shell roof tent from South Africa is 10 cm longer than most models from other brands. With a mattress length of 210 you have just a bit more space than with most other hardcovers.

After Eezi-Awn captured the market in 2017 with the revolutionary Stealth – a matte black, powder-coated, fully aluminum hardcover roof tent, the younger brother of the Stealth – the Blade was presented a year later (2018).

In addition to the standard expectations, the Blade, although simplistic and compact, is still rich in functions. Covered in his unique model is room for the bedding. The canvas is made of durable, rip-stop canvas with double privacy mosquito screens. The Roof Tent opens and closes easily with a simple action. The sleeping place is ready in a few seconds.

Discover for yourself how legendary performance and modern design come together in the brand new Blade by Eezi-Awn.

Available in two colors and an option for roof racks.

Dimensions Blade Roof tent
Outside size 145 × 220cm
Mattress size 135 × 210x8cm
Height closed 32 cm
Height closed front 16.5cm
Height closed rear 32cm
Ladder length max 234cm

Weight Blade Roof tent
Roof tent 72 kg – Ladder 7 kg

Blade roo tent pictures