Expedition Vehicles for sale


We always have vehicles that are fully or partially prepared in stock and for sale. We also carry plenty of vehicles in stock that would make ideal expedition – overland travel vehicles. If you already have a vehicle and have recently returned from a trip and need to dispose of it we can sell it on your behalf or possibly purchase it from you.

Call 01733 380687 and talk to Bob Webb or Andrew Harrison-Smith for further information or view any vehicles for sale below or on our general vehicle stock pages.

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Nene Overland has been preparing vehicles for overland travel since the early 90s, so now have a wealth of experience to help our customers. We are very focused on all things Land Rover and most Japanese vehicles, especially Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan.

If you are looking at a Japanese vehicle to prepare for Overland travel then either a Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol or a Nissan or Toyota Double Cab Pick-up might be the way forwards. If it is to be a Land Rover then most people choose a Defender 110 3 door hard top, 5 door Station Wagon or a Double Cab Pick-up as their ideal vehicle.

If the vehicle is a 2 seater, it is well worth making it possible to accommodate 1 or 2 extra people. This can be very sociable on long trips away meeting friends or family who may fly in, or giving other travellers or locals a lift thereby gleaning some extra valuable local knowledge.

In some instances especially if you are on a tight budget and looking for extra comfort you may consider a 300 TDI Discovery as your base vehicle. Effectively with suspension upgrades a Discovery can be adapted to do a similar job as the Defender.

A lot of people after research will focus on the 2.5 300 TDI models especially when you are to be travelling in the 3rd world without much backup for long time spans. The main advantage over the later TD5is that the 300 TDI Defender and Discovery models have much more simplistic electric’s, no ECU to run the engine. This means that either you or local mechanics should be able to carry out most repairs – servicing almost anywhere, whereas the later TD5 Defender and Discovery models will require Land Rover factory software and laptop systems to plug into the vehicle to diagnose and ‘reset’ some faults.

Nene Overland is very focused on stocking plenty of 300 TDI Defender 110 and Discovery’s ready to be prepared for overland travel. Also bear in mind that on occasion it may be an advantage to upgrade an older vehicle as it may make your ‘carnet de passage’ cost through some countries considerably cheaper. These charges may be based on ‘book’ value of a vehicle, information officials would have access to UK book values, i.e. the newer the vehicle the more the carnet de passage would cost. The best advice we can give is always allow plenty of time to plan and research your proposed trip. Always have your vehicle ready and finished with plenty of weeks to spare before you leave and visit it at every opportunity. This will put valuable mileage on the vehicle giving opportunity to iron out any niggles, familiarise yourselves with the operation of all equipment and become more tuned into any practical maintenance that you may carry out. Try to obtain a factory parts book to take along. You will be able to organise spare parts to be shipped into almost anywhere with the aid of phone and credit card. ‘Sods Law’ will say that you will need parts in some remote spot during the local’s religious break. At least you will be able to organise parts under your own steam. Being as self contained as possible is always the ideal situation wherever you find yourself around the world. Kevin, David or TJ are always ready for your email or a phone call if you need parts assistance. Nene will ship parts anywhere to get you going again. If we had the chance we would arrive in the parts box to join in your global fun!

Focus below on why you should consider Nene Overland for all your overland vehicle preparation parts and equipment purchases and advice.